Day 3 - The pain of being unfit

January 18, 2017

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Nothing went right this morning in terms of schedule. One thing all those articles I've read just don't account for is when things crop up that can disrupt EVERYTHING. It was so hot last night that I couldn't sleep, and woke up about three times. I fell asleep at midnight even though I'm meant to be asleep three hours before that. It's almost 10 AM and I'm supposed to have been working for almost three hours but nope, only accomplished my run and breakfast. I haven't even showered yet.

I figure on days like these I'll sacrifice my creative/gaming time to get the minimum productive work hours in. Yay for slack.

Speaking of running - the paaaaaaaaain. TELL ME WHY I DECIDED TO START BOTH RUNNING AND BODYWEIGHT TRAINING THE SAME WEEK. My butt and thigh muscles were screaming like 'Y U DO DIS TO MEEEEE' even before I went to sleep.

Oh well.

I can do it.

I hope.

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