Day 4 - Casual disruptions

January 19, 2017

Reading time ~1 minute

I swear these disruptions just waltz in like YAAAAAAS, IT'S MY TIME TO SHINE, but quietly, because I'm cool like that. I had to reorganise my schedule again because of other peopleeeee... I suppose this is practice for one day when I have spawn to run after. Like everything was just out of wack today, but I did manage to get a chunk of work, and my workout done. Something went right. ^^

On the plus side the muscle pain is easing up. We'll see if my body is happier tomorrow morning after the bodyweight training this morning ahahahaa... /crai

I also need to spend my time more effectively. My guitar practice should really be progressing faster, maybe a whole stage a week instead of the month I've almost spent on it. We'll see.