Day 6 - Inching along

January 21, 2017

Reading time ~1 minute

So last night I ended up sleeping too late, and woke up too early, than had another nap, and ate an embarassingly high number of calories over my recommended daily consumption amount.

hangs head in shame

That meant that today I had to do an additional workout of some sort (opting for a full hour of Just Dance followed by bodyweight exercises), eat less, and in the end I ended up doing nothing productive whatsoever except for listening to a podcast that's been pending for a while. I think I will just have to power through work tomorrow morning - time to get my guitar pratice in right now before I sleep and get an early start tomorrow. I need to stop letting things drag on.

Sleep early and on time. Wake up early. Get the exercise finished early. Feel ready to tackle the rest of the day. And then do it.