I screwed up my sleeping schedule (I'm about to head to bed late because of certain things I should have given to priority earlier) and I'm feeling super guilty. I've been doing my running three times a week and made sure that didn't disappear, but my bodyweight training has been slacking.

So are my eating habits, but not badly, so I feel little guilt about that.

It starts with not sleeping on time and waking up on time. All of it. I'm really believing this is the root of a lot of my problems even if I don't stick to my semi-flexible schedule at all. When I wake up late there's less time in the day.

I didn't do much today and I feel guilty that I don't feel guilty about it. I also don't feel guilty about a potential job offer I didn't get - probably because it was for something I wouldn't be considered profiecient enough at. Maybe it's because I totally ate not one, but TWO sugar things today and NO ONE knows about it.

Did my run late because I woke up late and couldn't fit it in before I went outside. It was so freaking hot last night. This weather really needs to change. But at least I made it happen, and for that I will allow myself to be proud of.

There's also something I have to ashamedly admit: I haven't practiced guitar in a week because of my schedule.

It's going to take a few days for me to readjust as I have certain things to get out of the way. But I'm confident I'll get there eventually. I kept my goals achieveable this year with a lot of slack for guitar so it's okay if I miss weeks. As long as I buckle down and do it, all should be well.

I half-assed the bodyweight workout and felt guilty for the rest of the day.

In unrelated news, I did work on some co-founder contract material and made many decisions about incorporation. Grid Labs, here we come.

Meh day. Run went as usual. My distance has been dropping, but I'm more apprehensive for next week. My legs are still generally in pain after a run, and a little bit the day after but not as much as they have been previously.

I'm learning to power through it.

I got this.

I slightly plebbed around and did just a bit work. This sleep issue is affecting my mood. Definitely feeling apprehensive of the run coming tomorrow.

It's getting too hot to fall asleep early on...

And I'm also feeling an urge to work on my book, which I haven't been able to mentally prioritise, although I'm sure I could have wasted less time somewhere and worked on it some more.