I saw a movie today, and needed a break. I still feel I like I've not worked enough. I also feel like I often underestimate the amount of time needed to finish bigger tasks. I figure the best way to handle that is just to get the important things done first. At least this morning I'm within schedule. Yeeeessssss!!

If I'm getting better every day in some way... Good enough. Hopefully by Feb 8th next month I'll be where I want to be.

I swear these disruptions just waltz in like YAAAAAAS, IT'S MY TIME TO SHINE, but quietly, because I'm cool like that. I had to reorganise my schedule again because of other peopleeeee... I suppose this is practice for one day when I have spawn to run after. Like everything was just out of wack today, but I did manage to get a chunk of work, and my workout done. Something went right. ^^

On the plus side the muscle pain is easing up. We'll see if my body is happier tomorrow morning after the bodyweight training this morning ahahahaa... /crai

I also need to spend my time more effectively. My guitar practice should really be progressing faster, maybe a whole stage a week instead of the month I've almost spent on it. We'll see.

Nothing went right this morning in terms of schedule. One thing all those articles I've read just don't account for is when things crop up that can disrupt EVERYTHING. It was so hot last night that I couldn't sleep, and woke up about three times. I fell asleep at midnight even though I'm meant to be asleep three hours before that. It's almost 10 AM and I'm supposed to have been working for almost three hours but nope, only accomplished my run and breakfast. I haven't even showered yet.

I figure on days like these I'll sacrifice my creative/gaming time to get the minimum productive work hours in. Yay for slack.

Speaking of running - the paaaaaaaaain. TELL ME WHY I DECIDED TO START BOTH RUNNING AND BODYWEIGHT TRAINING THE SAME WEEK. My butt and thigh muscles were screaming like 'Y U DO DIS TO MEEEEE' even before I went to sleep.

Oh well.

I can do it.

I hope.

So I wanted to provide some form of typical day. More about my definitions below.

Presenting: Bare Minimum Template.

  • 05.00 Hello, world. Exercise.
  • 06.00 Breakfast & morning routine things
  • 07.00 Productive work time.
  • 11.00 Game or w/e.
  • 12.00 Prep/Eat dinner.
  • 13.00 Productive work time.
  • 15.00 Creative goals/game time.
  • 17.30 Prep/Eat dinner.
  • 18.30 Creative goals/game time.
  • 20.00 Guitar practice
  • 20.30 Peace out.

Productivity is understood as time spent working towards my goals. More on this in another post.

Rules for weekends

  • Minimum day unless other activities have been planned.
  • Sunday lunch onwards, plan nothing. 7 PM onwards still applies.

Rules for off days

  • An off-day means I can do absolutely nothing
  • I have to have been productive for at least 9 hours over two days to have an off-day.

Most things considered, I did alright. I started my bodyweight exercises. Today was more about habit rather than trying to get everything perfect. I wasn't particularly productive, which may have been the result of being overly productive over the past week. I felt drained. It's possible that once the sleeping schedule is fixed, a lot of other things in my routine will be too, even though that's been somewhat difficult lately. The weather has just been so incredibly warm. It reached 37 C today... Not looking forward to tonight.

Also, note to self: don't drink anything after 7 PM. Nope, nothing. A full bladder at midnight is not the most convenient of things.

I think tomorrow I'll focus on schedule, as I need to stick to that tighter. Maybe it's time to bring back the Pomodoro technique.