I was mildly pissed off - or frustrated - for an entire week because of a certain someone. It's like they finally decided to surface from the depths of the Mariana Trench. My dear, even if you can't read this because I'm not giving it to you, do that to me again and I WILL BURY YOU THERE MYSELF. Or at minimum curse you with age-old dial-up speeds for all eternity.

I wish I could channel the intensity I feel into work or a workout but I find I really can't. I didn't put much effort into it but at least it was done.

At least I know myself well enough to know I'll be over it in a few hours.

Obligatory 'Hello, world!' first post.

Enough with the delaying. I wanted to wait until my birthday to launch this blog for the umpteenth time but just... Enough waiting. Who cares what the date is?

Most of the posts I'll be making are just to keep myself accountable. Apparently it takes 66 days to form a habit. Not 21. I've managed to do certain things for five weeks... And then I stopped, due to various reasons. I can guarantee, that at minimum, 21 days is not enough for me to develop a habit. I'll be mentioning my new schedule in another post, but here's a rough summary for today:

Woke up before 5 AM to an early start. I spent up to an hour psyching myself up to use the treadmill, set up my music, went to flick the switch and... No sound. Nothing. I zipped over to the plug to check it was actually in, and lo and behold, someone had nabbed the adapter. 'Borrowed' it for something else, I assumed. Anyhow, I managed to begin the Couch to 5k program two hours later after the sleeping beauties woke up.

Most of the day ended up being only halfway productive, but tomorrow is another day. Leggo.