Training? What training? I skipped it today and screwed over my meals :D I am going to so pay for this. They're leaving sweet yummy things in the house again. cries I don't have the discipline for this! That thing about making your environment totally suited to your intended lifestyle changes - yeah, sorry, doesn't work when you have other people visiting, let alone live with you.

Meh. I'll probaby get some heavier weights and be more inspired to do strength exercises, which I also need to preceed with some warming up.

On the plus side I was super excited to run today, except the run is tomorrow, so I'll be excited to finish this week off and then get on to next. I know Week 4 and Week 5 are REALLY hard, but I'm learning to look past the pain. I'm dreading this running thing less and less every time I get to it.


I half-assed the bodyweight workout and felt guilty for the rest of the day.

In unrelated news, I did work on some co-founder contract material and made many decisions about incorporation. Grid Labs, here we come.