I half-assed the bodyweight workout and felt guilty for the rest of the day.

In unrelated news, I did work on some co-founder contract material and made many decisions about incorporation. Grid Labs, here we come.

I was mildly pissed off - or frustrated - for an entire week because of a certain someone. It's like they finally decided to surface from the depths of the Mariana Trench. My dear, even if you can't read this because I'm not giving it to you, do that to me again and I WILL BURY YOU THERE MYSELF. Or at minimum curse you with age-old dial-up speeds for all eternity.

I wish I could channel the intensity I feel into work or a workout but I find I really can't. I didn't put much effort into it but at least it was done.

At least I know myself well enough to know I'll be over it in a few hours.